Our Expertise

Our specialist security services, underpinned by military expertise, are solution focussed - ensuring the best outcome
Event Security
VIP Personal Security
Reception Security 

Security is an integral part of ensuring the safety of participants, spectators and event officials. We deliver security including crowd control, car park security and VIP security management.

Everyone knows that hosting an event comes with a huge responsibility, we can provide bespoke security services for all events, our initial risk assessment identifies exactly how to plan for anything unexpected. All our security teams are trained in first aid, have the skills to carry out evacuation procedures and emergency service liaisons.

Our personal protection teams ensure that VIPs - stars to the entertainment industry, high net worth individuals to CEO's, can conduct their business, personal travel with minimal risk of disruption. Our close protection officers, will keep you safe from potential threats, over-enthusiastic fans, and potential attackers.

With anxiety about infection, social distancing and in many places use of access controls, the demands on corporate receptionists have increased. And all this is happening in the context of rising employee absence and the need for businesses to economise. We know how important your business’ reputation is, which is why at SCS Security our reception security team can meet all your needs.

VIP Security Chauffeurs

Extensive travel can leave you feeling unsafe, short of time, stressed and uneasy. Our bespoke service helps you regain control of your time, increase productivity and security, so you can focus on success.

Public Sector Security

We understand what it takes to safeguard vulnerable sites in the public sector industry. Public sector staff working in the UK can be targets for citizens who feel that they have the right to threaten or intimidate them into making decisions. It requires not only effective safety procedures, but sensitivity and empathy for staff and members of the public. 

Estate Security

A non - intrusive, discreet and reassuring presence that can escalate with the threat posed. We continue to meet the wide-ranging security needs of private estates, encompassing their property size, location and specific vulnerabilities and usage.